Driveway Caulking Expansion Joints – Why It’s Important

You may already be aware that driveway caulking expansion joints are necessary for keeping your concrete slabs from cracking because of temperature changes and seasonal changes. Well, it also keeps the slabs protected from other types of issues that can crop up if you’re not careful. Here’s what it’s important for you must caulk your driveway concrete joints.

Protect the Slabs from Water

Water poses the biggest threat to the concrete slabs in your driveway. Water can get under the concrete slabs through rain, washing your car, or any other way, so you must caulk the cracks or joints to prevent that.

Water under the concrete slabs significantly reduces the life of the concrete. In addition to that, it allows the concrete slabs to shift around to some degree. Furthermore, over time, concrete slabs can sink if it is not caulked. This shifting and sinking can make the surface uneven and unstable, which, in turn, can cause you to trip when walking over it. Therefore, high-quality caulk will not shrink, so it won’t give the slabs enough room to move around.

Prevent Plants from Growing Underneath

Driveway caulking expansion joints prevent plants, weeds, and grass from growing underneath the concrete slabs. The roots can get into the pores of the concrete, damaging it in the process. Also, they can also ruin the appearance of your driveway.

When caulking the joints between concrete slabs, you must make sure that the layer of caulk is slightly lower than the concrete surface to prevent damage to the caulking.

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