Solar Seal #900


Solar Seal #900 is an engineered Terpolymer adhesive that will bond concrete and Trim-A-Slab. 

If you wish to make an installation permanent, or to prevent any shrinkage in length, apply Solar Seal to the Trim-A-Slab anchoring beams (the part you won’t see after installation that holds the Trim-A-slab in place) for 6-8 inches on each end of each piece.  You alternatively can apply to the concrete below the surface, and press the trim-A-Slab into it.

Working time is 20 minutes; you have 20 minutes to adjust and move Trim-A-Slab around before the adhesive starts to act.

Color is clear.

10 oz. tube for standard caulking dispensers.

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Solar Seal #900 is an engineered adhesive that will bond to concrete and Trim-A-Slab.

10 oz. tube

Color is clear.

Use to make a Trim-A-Slab installation permanent.

Concrete must be cleaned of dirt and foreign substances; wire brush the concrete to get a good bond.

20 minute working time, weatherproof after cure (24 hrs).

Solar Seal contains solvents; for exterior uses only.  Prevent skin or eye contact during use.  Cured product is inert.