Flexible, Easy-to-Install and Durable Joint Fillers in League City, TX

Where driveways and sidewalks often wind up with rotten wood as a filler or weeds in concrete joints or cracks, products created with exterior-grade materials can act as a flexible and highly durable replacement with up to a 10-year guarantee.

Advantages of Expansion Joint Repair

A sidewalk expansion joint filler provides multiple advantages over tube-dispensed fillers as well, which until now have served as essentially the only other option. Expansion joint repair is also very quick and easy to install. It has a great look. It’s also removable and replaceable for such occasions as running outdoor-lighting wires across paved surfaces, and the flexible gap-covering installation expands with freeze and thaw cycles and effectively prevents weeds from growing in paving joints.

Joint Filler Construction and Attributes

A sidewalk expansion joint filler is made from UV-stabilized, flexible PVC, the same material used for exterior applications like gutters or window frames. The joint fillers also come in three colors: concrete-matching grey, a low-maintenance black and walnut for such surfaces as stained concrete or an exposed aggregate finish. Filler widths range from 3/16ths of an inch to 1 and 3/8ths inches and also come in a range of lengths.

Easy and Effective Installation

A sidewalk expansion joint filler is easy to install, essentially press-in-place by hand. Beam elements on the underside deflect on installation, pressing against the concrete walls, anchoring the joint filler into place. The curved exterior crown remains exposed and flush with the surface preventing the appearance of weeds.

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