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Trim-A-Slab pushes in by hand, or can be stepped on to install. It typically does not need to be driven or hammered into place. Simply start at one end, and cut with pruning shears when you reach the other end of the concrete. It really is the easiest to install of any expansion joint repair.

Trim-A-Slab pushes in by hand, or can be stepped on to install. It typically does not need to be driven or hammered into place. Simply start at one end, and cut with pruning shears when you reach the other end of the concrete. It really is the easiest to install of any expansion joint repair.

If you would like your Trim-A-Slab installation to be permanent or would like to avoid the possibility of shrinkage, you can glue the last 6” or so to the concrete.  We recommend using ‘Original Gorilla Glue’, available at most hardware stores.

Trim-A-Slab does not require any backfilling on most of our products, the only product that we recommend backfilling is on the 1-3/8 product.On all other sizes it is optional to backfill. 

Absolutely. You can use one of our installers, or you can pick up some Trim-A-Slab yourself and use your preferred handyman. Check out our list of recommended installers to find one in your area!

This can be the hardest part if the wood has not rotted. We recommend prying it up from the ends rather than from the middle. If a piece is inaccessible from the ends, and is still somewhat solid, drill a few holes into it and place lag bolts into the wood, and pry up on those. There is a how-to video with tips on wood removal on our products page.

If you run into the occasional nail, a blow to the nail using a pry bar will typically shear it off or bend it out of the way. Trim-A-Slab is very compliant and can be easily cut with shears, so it is not necessary to remove all obstructions. You can cut away a portion of the underside of Trim-A-Slab to clear the obstruction.

You can find a template for download, which you can cut out and use to determine the gap size here. You can also order sample kits from our store. The sample kits also give you pieces of each color, so you can see them first hand. You will also be able to insert these pieces, and see how they look, and how well they hold in place.

Grey is the most-ordered color, followed by black.


Trim-A-Slab is tough, but it’s still a plastic, so we do not warranty any damage incurred due to contact by string trimmers, edgers, or similar hard materials hitting or being dragged over Trim-A-Slab. This will cause cutting, scratches, and abrasion marks. The color of Trim-A-Slab is through and through, so you won’t reveal some other color, but you can scratch it up.

PVCs have plasticizing agents which give them their flexibility. These agents, however, slowly evolve off over long periods of time. This manifests itself as a loss of flexibility and a slight shrinkage. You will not even notice this change once Trim-A-Slab is installed, except in length. We have measured up to 3 inches per 10 feet of length in 5 years time. This will not always occur; if the Trim-A-Slab is gripped hard enough, it won’t move. In other words, a tight fit will hold it in place, but a loose fit will allow shrinkage. If this effect is to be eliminated, Trim-A-Slab can be glued to the concrete on installation. You can find our recommended adhesive in our store, or you can try ‘original Gorilla glue’, although we have not field tested Gorilla glue for long durations.

Trim-A-Slab can be painted, however, we cannot warrant Trim-A-Slab if you do. If you want to paint anyway, we recommend that you try it on a sample, and see how it reacts and how well it adheres. We have experimented with ‘PVC stains’, but found that the color faded quite fast, and we do not recommend any at this time.

Trim-A-Slab is currently warranted for up to 10 years. Trim-A-Slab will not crack, get brittle, or be adversely affected by heat, cold or moisture typical for a driveway anywhere in the US. Trim-A-Slab has been used successfully from Minnesota to Florida. Color retention is warranted for 5years. As shown below, Trim-A-Slab will get dirty and show tire marks, just like concrete. These can be cleaned with soap and water. Trim-A-Slab can also be cleaned with a bleach solution, but do not use solvents such as MEK or acetone, as these solvents will soften PVC.

Trim-A-Slab is available online at,,, Amazon, and on the ‘Shop’ tab of this website.  You may also find Trim-A-Slab at Ace, True Value, or Do It best, although availability varies from store to store.  Just ask for it at your local store!

Most residential driveways and sidewalks were poured with a 1×4 or a 1×3 board used for the forms. These boards leave a gap about 3/4 of an inch wide. Use 3/4″ Trim-A-Slab for gaps from 5/8″ to 7/8″ wide.

In some cases, slab motion may have been significant, opening up slab gaps to 1″ or more. Trim-A-Slab 1″ is best suited for these applications, and it accommodates gaps from 7/8″ to 1-1/8″. 1″ Trim-A-Slab comes in up to 25′ continuous lengths.

On the west coast, 2×4 lumber is often used as form boards. Trim-A-Slab 1-3/8″ picks up where the 1″ size leaves off, and will accommodate up to 1.5 inch gaps. 1-3/8″ Trim-A-Slab comes in up to 25′ continuous lengths.?

One other type of expansion joint is also encountered, and it is based on the 1/2″ wide ‘fiber-board’. Fiber-board looks like an asphalt-impregnated fibrous product, and we produce the 1/2″ size to replace these joints. You will sometimes find these joints at the intersection of the driveway and the garage.

All our products are made from flexible PVC, with UV inhibitors. Black is the choice if you want the lowest maintenance, as it will not show tire marks. Black will also make the concrete ‘pop’ a little, and make it look a little cleaner and brighter. The grey material is color-matched to concrete, and will blend in with clean, dry concrete. After a rain, concrete darkens, which will make the grey appear to stand out and look lighter than it really is. Trim-A-Slab will not change color due to water.

Grey Trim-A-Slab, dry concrete

Grey Trim-A-Slab, wet concrete

While the grey color will show tire marks, it is easily cleaned with soap and water. Walnut blends well with many colored concrete, stamped concrete, and exposed aggregate driveways. Walnut is similar to grey, in that it will show dirt, and is as easily cleaned.

We advise all customers to use the sizing guide, or purchase one of our sample packs to ensure the right fit. In the event that a return, or exchange needs to be made purchases may be returned within 60 days from purchase date for refund, and 90 days from purchase date for store credit. All items must be returned in NEW condition. Damaged, cut or used product will NOT be refunded. Return shipping is the buyer’s responsibility, if an error has occurred and it’s our fault, a return shipping label will be provided. Refunds are issued 7-10 days after the return is received and inspected.

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