The Reasons That Your Texas Driveway Keeps Getting Cracks in It

When you are a homeowner, it can be quite frustrating to constantly see cracks and other damage to your beloved driveway. Sometimes it can seem like no matter what you do, the damage keeps on happening. With that in mind, here is what causes cracks so you can avoid further damage and repair what already exists with driveway gap filler.

Poorly-Built Foundations

When the foundation of the driveway suffers from a poor design, it is certain that the driveway will eventually buckle and undergo cracking and possibly worse. If the ground gravel that is supposed to be used for the underlying material is not packed firmly enough, it can allow aspects of the elements to enter. There are also times when shady contractors use subpar material such as sand or dirt for the foundation, which quickly gives way to falling into disrepair.


Any large vehicle that weighs in excess of 10,000 lbs can wreak havoc on even the best-laid driveway. The vehicle causes extreme stress on the driveway which causes hairline fractures. During temperature extremes, the cracks will enlargen and allow rain, snow, road salt, and other undesirable substances to enter and cause further damage.

Growing Tree Roots

When the driveway is too close to trees, the roots can grow underneath the driveway and cause damage. It is best to avoid placing the driveway near trees, but of course, this cannot always be avoided or the driveway is already in its place. Root shields can be placed below the ground on either side of the drive to prevent them from growing underneath the pavement. Driveway gap filler can be used to repair any existing cracks.

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