US Homeowners Hate Weeds Growing in the Joints of Their Driveways

If the expansion joints in your driveway are sprouting grass and weeds, it’s not just unsightly. The fact is, plant roots can do damage to the concrete. Also, damaged, weed-covered expansion joints seriously detract from your home’s curb appeal.

Concrete driveway joint fillers generally involve replacing the wooden slats that originally comprised the expansion joints. However, this is much more difficult to do than you might think. Chipping and digging out the old wood slats is time-consuming, but not difficult. However, getting the new slats in is. Usually, homeowners hire a professional concrete company to do the work.

However, there is a method for replacing concrete expansion joints that is attractive, and easy for homeowners to do themselves.

Flexible concrete expansion joints made from weather-proof, exterior-grade plastic is available. This type of concrete driveway joint filler can be pressed in, once the old, wooden expansion joints are removed. These space-age joint fillers come in several colors and sizes, for a perfect fit into any driveway.

Digging out the old, wooden expansion joints is still a lot of work. But once that is done, homeowners can save money by installing plastic expansion joints themselves. It’s not only easy and cost-effective, but it also looks great, adding to a home’s curb appeal.

In one weekend and for just a few hundred dollars, you can transform your weed-infested driveway into something beautiful. It’s well worth the small amount of time and money.

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