How to Fix a Sidewalk Expansion Joint that has Gone Bad- By Yourself

You live in a nice neighborhood. It is not a new area and there have been houses there for over half a century or more. You have noticed that your sidewalk caulk expansion joint is broken and you need a new one. Many of your neighbors have the same problem.

You know exactly what a sidewalk caulk expansion joint is. You know that the concrete making up your outside sidewalk expands and contracts with the change in temperature. Since concrete itself isn’t really expandable at all, damage occurs with temperature, change, vibrations, and earth movements. If you live anywhere near your local airport, the vibrations from jets can create an issue for your concrete. Sidewalk concrete expansion joint can help make the results of these conditions on your outside sidewalk.

So why does this even matter to you, as a homeowner? While the look of your property is very important to you, you are very house proud, there are other considerations involved.

Most municipalities have laws on their books requiring property owners to keep the area around them, safe and sound. If people are able to walk along your sidewalk and because of broken concrete issues, they fall or trip, you are very liable. The last thing you need or want is for someone to fall, get hurt and sue you for damages.

You are looking for a company that will create the exact sidewalk expansion joints for your property. You believe that you can install them by yourself but also want to be sure that if you need help, they can accommodate that as well.

To order sidewalk concrete expansion joints, reach out to Trim-A-Slab at

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