Expansion Joint Buying Advice

Concrete shrinks and expands due to temperature changes. A slab expansion joint keeps your concrete from developing cracks when that happens. If your driveway requires an expansion joint and you’re at a loss on how to buy one, go over the following pieces of advice.

Brush up on the basics

Know the options available. For instance, you can choose from a bridge expansion joint, masonry expansion joint, railway expansion joint, and a pipe expansion joint. Assess the features of each one to work out the options that best suit your project.

Read the instructions

If you want to install the joint, make sure you study the steps carefully. Pay attention to the thickness of the slab. The expansion gap you’ll choose will depend on the slab type you’re working with. Is it a floating slab floor or a sidewalk? Is it meant to be a part of your garage’s vehicle pavement? The dimensions of the slab will also affect your buying choices, along with reinforcing materials you plan to use.

Beware of the challenges

Know what to expect. Read up on possible issues that may come up. For instance, if you end up with the wrong concrete mix or cure the mix improperly, then cracks will appear in the concrete. That’s because the wrong mix can cause the shrinkage between the joints and lead to cracks.

Prepare the site

A cluttered and dirty site will only get in the way. Clear any of the dirt and debris before you start. Have your tools ready and accessible. Once the site is prepared, you can start pouring the concrete. Insert a flexible material along the joint length and use that to create the individual expansion joint.

Cover the area

Make grooves in the poured concrete. That is where you’ll put the joint materials.

Shop wisely

If you’re wondering where to get your expansion joints, there are reliable options online. Check out products and distribution centers with positive reviews. How much are the joints? What material are the joints made of? Are they durable? Will they last?

Know before you order

Read and understand the return policy before you place an order. Is there a strict timeframe for processing returns? Find out the terms and conditions you’ll need to abide by if you return an item. If it’s much too complicated, shop elsewhere. The best distribution centers make this process easy for customers.

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