Tips for Installing Our Concrete Expansion Joint Material

Over time, the wood used to frame concrete sidewalks and drives begin to rot and degrade due to exposure to moisture, freezing and thawing, and even movement of the soil beneath the concrete.

At Trim-A-Slab, we manufacture a concrete expansion joint product that is an ideal option to replace old wood. Made of a highly flexible yet durable rubber-like PVC material, it maintains the space between the slabs of concrete while also leaving your driveway looking neat and free from weed and grass growth between the slabs. We also offer a 10-Year warranty, making it a low-cost way to improve property curb appeal.

How to prep the driveway?

Before installing the concrete expansion joint, remove all of the old wood. Rotted wood can be pulled out in pieces, and it is often possible to pry up on the ends of the wood to remove the entire section.

What if there are different sizes of gaps?

As the Trim-A-Slab a concrete expansion joint comes in different sizes, it is easy to fit the existing gap. We offer a template you can download to determine the correct size, or order our sample kit to test different sizes and colors.

Can I do this myself?

Installing Trim-A-Slab is a simple, easy project for the whole family. The PVC material can be cut with garden shears and requires no tools or complicated procedures. To install the Trim-A-Slab, Simply I start at one end of the concrete and push it into the gap using your hand. Continue along the gap and cut at the other end.

To order your sample kit or for any questions you may have about Trim-A-Slab, give us a call today at 281-724-0493.

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