How Trim-A-Slab Can Save Expansion Joints in Texas and Elsewhere

When the wood in the concrete expansion joints in a driveway or sidewalk rots out, it can be a serious problem. Weeds can grow into the gaps and erosion can ultimately cause structural damage. The good news is that a product called Trim-A-Slab can be used to repair rotting wood in concrete expansion joints or simply to add stability and control to expansion joints with no material in them currently.

Advantages of Trim-A-Slab

Trim-A-Slab is made from durable PVC material, and it comes in multiple widths and lengths so that you get the fit you need for your failing expansion joints. It is generally easy to install, and installation can usually be done by hand with no tools required. Furthermore, it’s made in the USA, so you can feel good about helping your fellow American workers when you use it!

Essentially, this effective product fills up gaps that will become bigger. It has a patented design that keeps it where it’s supposed to be after it’s installed, and it is extremely rugged and durable. Additionally, it comes in multiple shades so that you can match it with the surrounding concrete.

Once you start using this product, you’ll likely want to recommend it to others because it’s a fast and permanent fix to am extremely common problem, and it’s totally DIY in terms of its installation. Whether you have one troublesome concrete expansion joint to fix or many, you can learn more about how Trim-A-Slab can help at

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