Why a Concrete Expansion Joint is Important for Your Concrete Surface

An expansion joint is one of the most important components of your concrete surface. If you have an expansion joint that’s damaged or worn from age, having it repaired or replaced will help protect your concrete. Here are some of the main reasons why having a reliable concrete expansion joint is important.

Crack Prevention

Hot and cold temperatures along with other environmental factors can cause concrete to shrink and expand, and this can lead to the formation of cracks in the concrete when the tensile strength is exceeded. Expansion joints reduce the tensile stress to help prevent cracking.

Sectioning Off

These expansion joints often work well in sectioning off certain parts of concrete from other structures. For example, an expansion joint at the foot of your driveway can help create a barrier between your property and a public sidewalk. These joints can also be good at separating concrete surfaces from stairways, light poles and garage slabs.

Weed Growth Control

An expansion joint can act as another way to control weed growth. Weeds often like to grow between concrete sections, and certain expansion joints are designed specifically to keep weeds from reaching the surface. Some of the best expansion joints are made with multiple barriers to block weed growth more sufficiently.

Having a damaged expansion joint repaired or replaced can be an excellent investment for your concrete surface. You can order a reliable concrete expansion joint from trim-a-slab.com, and you can learn more about what’s available by visiting

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