Beautify Your Home’s Concrete Driveway or Patio Over the Weekend

The wooden slats between the concrete slabs of your driveway or patio are called concrete slab expansion joints. Their purpose is to accommodate the concrete expansion and contracting along with the weather. Wood is easy to use when the concrete is first poured, but over the years, it begins to rot. When that happens, grass and weeds begin to grow between the concrete slabs.

For the most part, grass and weeds growing in between your concrete slabs won’t harm anything. But, it looks bad and creates more yard work. If you want to improve the appearance of your home and free up your time, you’ll need to replace the wooden slab expansion joints.

Digging out the rotting, wooden expansion joints is not an easy task. But, once the wood is out, replacing it with plastic concrete expansion joints is easy. You’ll simply cut the plastic strips to the right length, and press them into the cracks. Both digging out the old wood and replacing it with plastic expansion joint strips can be done in a single weekend. After that, the plastic strips can keep your driveway or patio weed-free for up to ten years.

Plastic concrete expansion joint strips come in several widths, to fit any expansion joint gap. Also, you can choose from gray, black, or brown strips to accent your patio or driveway. With a little bit of work, you can beautify your home’s concrete slabs.

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