What to Do if Your Us Driveway or Patio Is Overgrown With Weeds

If the wooden slats in your driveway are growing weeds, you might need to replace the wood with vinyl concrete expansion joints. Vinyl expansion joints not only look good, but they’ll also never form an environment conducive to growing weeds and grass. They’ll do the job and look clean for years to come.

The original wooden expansion joints were placed there to allow the concrete slabs to expand and contract as the temperatures change. While wooden slats are easy and cheap to install while the concrete is wet, they’re hard to replace once they have deteriorated. Moreover, as the wood decays, it forms mulch, which is perfect for growing weeds and grass.

Usually, once the wooden expansion joints begin to decay, there are two choices, either caulking or vinyl concrete expansion joints. Of these two choices, vinyl expansion joints are superior. It’s often cheaper in the long run, and easier to do. Rather than dealing with messy caulking, you’ll simply cut the vinyl strips to length and press them into the gaps. Also, vinyl expansion joint strips are available in several widths and colors. This makes it both versatile and attractive.

If your driveway or patio is covered with weeds, it’s time to dig out the old wooden slats and replace them with vinyl. It’s easy to do yourself, and in just a few hours, your driveway or patio will look better than new.

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